Steam Eye Mask

SKU 2470

Help your eyes look and feel better. Moist heat is a natural way to soothe eye strain. After working or studying in front of the computer, let your tired eyes enjoy this moist, warm and comfortable eye mask- the Steam Eye Mask boosts circulation, relieves tired eyes, and promotes better sleep.


Opening the package releases micro-steam at a temperature of around 40°C, providing a warm feeling which lasts for up to 25 minutes.


To use, tear the bag along the dotted line, apply the mask to your closed eyes. Remove the mask when the temperature drops.


  • Soothes eye strain
  • Provides deep, moist heat to the eyes
  • Effectively relieves eye fatigue
  • Made of light, soft material, with ear straps, can be used safely when sleeping

  • Do not use if the mask and the temperature feel uncomfortable. If you suffer from abnormal body changes, a rash, or itching, please stop using immediately

  •  Do not use this product immediately after using eye drops

  •  Product is made of: Non-woven outer layer, Iron Powder, Activated Carbon, Vermiculite

  • For Single use only

  • Please note:This product is not a medical device