About Anomeo

Anomeo is the new division of Travel Blue Group.

The group was founded in 1987 in the UK in order to solve and service the needs of travellers. We realised these travel needs and identified the opportunity to improve travellers’ comfort , connectivity and safety while away from home. This is when we started the Travel Blue offer of a one-stop shop for all travel needs.
The addition of Anomeo completes the Travel Accessories range. Anomeo is all about Health and Comfort at home, at work and for daily use.



Our story

We started from humble beginnings, selling and manufacturing from our home in London and today, over 33 years later, our innovative and design-led products are a substantial part of the travel and over time we have become the world leader. Travel Blue is still a family-owned business whose core values are innovation, environment and social responsibility. Though worldwide, we are still able to offer the dependency and stability of a big brand whilst maintaining the service and personal customer support of a family business.



Passion is what drives us

The Covid-19 has changed our world completely. Today, as we are spending most of our time at home, either working or relaxing, issues such as Health and Comfort have become the most important issues. That is why we brought Anomeo to you. The products are made of the most reliable, comfortable, beautifully designed and environmentally conscious accessories – offering you healthy, comfort and relaxed experience.



Worldwide Presence

With over 300 products sold in over 110 countries and thousands of stores – including the most luxurious Airport Duty Free shops, Department stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and convenience store around the world, alongside Online stores and Marketplaces – all choose to carry our products for its range, design and quality as one of their leading brands.