How Travel Blue Goes Green

Going Green with Travel Blue Group

Travel Blue Group is a family-owned business, established over 30 years ago. The Social and environmental responsibility we practice isn’t just part of the Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) which became a part of every business practice. It’s integrated into our DNA. We care for the people who manufacture our products, our customers and the environment.

Here’s a behind the scenes look on how we do our part.

Our Products and Materials

When it comes to choosing materials, for us it’s about making responsible and sustainable decisions. When we’re not able to use renewable resources, we aim for recycled or recyclable ones. 


We’re on a journey towards only using recycled and/or renewable plastics. Most plastics are oil-based, which means that they come from a non-renewable resource. So, whenever possible, we use as much recycled or renewable plastic in our products as we can. Today, about one third of our plastic items come from renewable and/or recycled sources.

PET plastics in our products comply with the strictest law and safety standards. We have detailed requirements on the use of chemicals and other substances in the manufacturing process, taking into account your health and the environmental impact.

Our Packages

Travel Blue Uses 80% recycled cardboard in packaging because every box deserves a second chance. Additionally, the use of product packaging is as low as possible – and designed to fit the size of the product. Furthermore, when plastic is used, it’s always 100% PET. And finally, the printing used for our packaging is always done with soy based ink.


Our global logistics system is designed to save on transport. We utilize land and sea transportation, since these methods have smaller footprints than aerial transport. Additionally, the designed-to-fit-the-product packaging also aids in making the volume of transportation as low as possible. The fact that Travel Blue has warehouses around the world also reduces the transportation footprint.

Our People

As a global company, we have a responsibility to all of our employees, including the workers employed by our suppliers. This is why we believe it’s fundamental that all workers are treated with respect so that they can enjoy a safe and healthy workplace. 

In 2012 Travel Blue became a member of  BSCI (now Amfori/BSCI.) The leading global business association for open and sustainable trade ( The companies we work with are all tested to comply with BSCI’s Social Responsibility requirements.

The Future

We know there’s always room for improvement. This is why we’re working on a 5-year plan to become 100% Sustainable. By working with others and challenging ourselves, our goal is to promote the idea of sustainability and make travelling and our products today, as green as possible.

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