Anomeo Comfort Bands

Anomeo Comfort Bands

Anomeo Comfort Bands


Anomeo Comfort Bands – Don’t let motion sickness ruin your journey. Motion sickness relief wristbands can help you and your children reduce nausea so you can enjoy traveling once again without causing drowsiness or other side effects.


– Wear the bands before you start traveling, or at any time during your journey, and they will become effective in 2-5 minutes, based on acupressure principles.
– For relief of nausea caused by air, sea, or land travel
– Simple, safe & natural way for relief of nausea, as well as comfortable and stylish
– No side effects, such as drowsiness


– Suitable for adults and children – one size fits all
– Includes 2 comfort bands and carry case
– Materials used: Bands: 90% Polyester + 10% Elastic, Button: 100% PP
– Care instructions: delicate hand wash
– Length: 6.8cm
– Width: 5.5 cm
– Height: 2.4 cm
– Origin: CHINA

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