Anomeo Steam Eye Mask

Anomeo Steam Eye Mask

Anomeo Steam Eye Mask


Anomeo Steam Eye Mask – Moist heat is a natural way to soothe eye strain. After working or studying in front of the computer, let your tired eyes enjoy this moist, warm and comfortable eye mask.


– The Steam Eye Mask boosts circulation, relieves tired eyes, and promotes better sleep.
– Opening the package releases micro-steam at a temperature of around 40°C, providing a warm feeling which lasts for up to 25 minutes.
– To use, tear the bag along the dotted line, apply the mask to your closed eyes. Remove the mask when the temperature drops.
– Soothes eye strain
– Provides deep, moist heat to the eyes
– Effectively relieves eye fatigue


– Made of light, soft material, with ear straps, can be used safely when sleeping
– Do not use if the mask and the temperature feel uncomfortable. If you suffer from abnormal body changes, a rash, or itching, please stop using immediately
– Do not use this product immediately after using eye drops
– Materials used: Iron Powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, non-woven outer layer
– Length: 14 cm
– Width: 11 cm
– Height: 0.5 cm
– For Single use only
– Please note: This product is not a medical device
– Made in China

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