5 Items You Need To Pack For Your Next Trip

While travelling can always be an exciting adventure and a chance to break from routine, it also has unexpected side challenges. One of them is, of course, preparing your luggage.

Packing the right items can impact your experience and how your trip unfolds. This is why we’ve compiled a list of five unexpectedly convenient products that might not be your first pick to pack but will nonetheless significantly improve your quality of life throughout your journey.


1. Compressed Face Towel
Although compressed face towels may seem like a needless item when regular towels already exist, they are a convenient, hygienic, and eco-friendly alternative that works much better when travelling.

They’re lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry without adding bulk to your luggage. Each towel is individually wrapped, which means their sterility guarantees hygiene with each use, mainly when washing and rinsing traditional towels isn’t an option.

Best part? Despite being disposable, some brands are eco-friendly and sustainable. For example, the Anomeo compressed face towels are made from 100% biodegradable viscose, which breaks down in landfills within a year. Likewise, they don’t need to be washed, so it reduces the amount of water waste.

These compressed face towels are gentle on the skin and free of damaging chemicals. They can keep you fresh and hydrated anytime, anywhere.


2. Toilet Seat Cover
For some people, the worst part of travelling is being away from their reliable, trusted bathroom. After all, using public bathrooms can be a health hazard, putting you in direct contact with unsanitary elements that can risk your well-being.

Ideally, you should be able to carry your bathroom with you anywhere. But while technology gets there, the next best thing is to have a toilet seat cover at hand.

The Anomeo disposable toilet seat cover creates a protective layer that separates your skin from the surface of public restrooms, allowing you to protect your health and diminish exposure to dangerous pathogens. Made with wood pulp, this biodegradable product is eco-friendly, lightweight, and easy to flush down without damaging sewer systems.

3. Disposable Underpants for Men and Women
Disposable underpants are often associated with hospitals or maternity, but they’re also a pivotal ally to keep handy when travelling.

Not only are they lightweight and compact enough to fit in any luggage without taking up space from other, more important things, but they can also be thrown away right after use. Meaning? You won’t be annoyed by dirty laundry taking over your bag.

But most importantly, disposable underwear is a safety measure. Since they’re so easy to carry, you can always bring a set in your bag to assist you in case of long flights, mishandled suitcases, or vacations to remote places.


4. Waterproof Poncho
The poncho is a versatile and essential item often overlooked in the list of crucial travelling items. Nonetheless, those in the known are aware that bringing it to your next trip can make a difference.

First of all, the obvious: a waterproof poncho protects from the rain and wind wherever you are. It’s less bulky than an umbrella or a rain jacket, so it’s much easier to carry it around when sightseeing, camping, or exploring a new area. Likewise, its one-size-fits-all and unisex design makes it convenient to bring and share.

Best part? It’s way more affordable than other options.


5. Reusable Bag
The most limited resource you’ll have when travelling is none other than space. Your luggage and bags can only carry so much, so you must manage the surface area as smartly as possible.

That’s why packing a convenience bag is one of the most ingenious travel options. The Anomeo micro bag folds into a small and unassuming size, yet it has a total capacity of 22 litres once fully expanded. You can pack it in your luggage and use it once at your destination as a shopping, travel, or grocery bag!


Ready to Pack?
As you gear up for your next adventure, don’t forget these items that can make your trip a breeze. By packing smart and being prepared, you’ll be ready to take on whatever the journey throws your way. So, grab your bags, pack these essentials, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure ahead!

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