benefits of compression socks

How Compression Socks Can Change Your Life

Believe it or not, wearing compression socks can be a life-changing experience. As simple as they may be, they can help against many ailments you probably already have.

If you’re struggling with swollen feet, dizziness while standing, or strange numb sensations, read on—compression socks may be the affordable solution you need.


1. Improves Circulation


By compressing your calves and feet, the aptly-named compression socks apply gentle pressure on the arteries and veins in your lower body. This, in turn, pushes the blood to flow and move upwards, stimulating circulation throughout the body.

The simple act of wearing compression socks can improve venous hypertension or varicose veins and, in turn, reduce the risk of developing circulation-related health issues such as deep vein thrombosis or venous ulcers.


2. Aids Lymphatic Drainage


The lymphatic system keeps your body’s fluid levels in check by draining a substance called lymph and bringing it back to the circulatory system. However, since the lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart, lymph relies on your body’s movements to create pressure and stimulate flow, which is why some people struggle with feet swelling.

Compression socks add extra pressure to your feet, ankles, and calves, which assists lymphatic drainage by pushing fluid upwards, particularly for those pregnant or suffering from lymphedema.


3. Helps with Foot Pain


Wearing compression socks is an effortless way to improve blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce pain while sitting or walking.

Poor circulation can cause your feet to feel numb, tingly, or generally painful. In turn, poor lymphatic drainage often means your feet swell and remain tender, which can also limit wound healing.

This makes compression socks ideal for people working on their feet all day, sitting for extended periods, or suffering from chronic pain.


4. Protects Against Muscle Strain


Did you know that compression socks are popular with athletes? Runners use sleeves or compression socks because they help reduce muscle strain and aid performance and endurance.

It’s speculated that the improved blood flow increases oxygen levels, which can help them perform better. Likewise, other studies determined that compression socks improved recovery time after exercising, particularly for those who don’t exercise often.


5. Can Reduce Dizziness After Standing


If you’ve had episodes where your vision blacks out or you feel disoriented for a few seconds after standing up, compression socks can be the unlikely solution.

In some cases, these episodes result from poor blood circulation, particularly in people with hypotension—that is, low blood pressure. For example, people with orthostatic hypotension have episodic low blood pressure when switching body positions. Thus, compression socks could help improve blood flow and reduce dizziness episodes.


6. Boosts Energy and Reduces Fatigue


Although it sounds strange, multiple studies have confirmed that compression socks can boost energy and reduce fatigue for those who spend significant time standing, such as those working in customer service or hospitals.

It all comes down to, once again, blood circulation. Improved blood flow means increased oxygen levels to and from your heart, which gives your muscles and organs an extra energy boost to function, maximise their performance and reduce fatigue.


Should You Use Compression Socks?


Short answer? Yes—if you have the right compression socks.

You see, quality matters. The socks must be tight enough to add pressure but fit to avoid cutting off your circulation. Likewise, they must be soft and breathable to prevent bruising or skin issues, yet tight enough to actually compress.


The Anomeo Compression Socks were tested and approved to British standard 7563, ensuring a high-quality product. Tight yet breathable, they are made of 80% nylon alongside a blend of polyester and elastane for utter comfort, and come in three different sizes to guarantee a perfect fit.

Thanks to their exquisite design, they’re a perfect fit for anyone. Senior citizens, athletes, folks with circulation issues, or people who work in one position for a long time can reap many benefits and improve their lifestyle by changing their sock style, but everyone else can also use them to prevent issues from developing.

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