The Beginner Guide to Kickstart Your Decluttered Life

As the cold and chilling winter passes, life blossoms anew with the arrival of spring.

However, spring is not only a month for colourful flowers and seasonal allergies. It can also be the perfect time to breathe new life into your home through decluttering, deep cleaning, and reorganisation.

If you’re the type that groans at the mere mention of decluttering, believe me—you’re not alone. However, you don’t have to be the next Marie Kondo to begin your hero’s journey toward a minimalistic and chic house. All you need is motivation and a solid strategy.

You wouldn’t ask an athlete to start a marathon without warming up, would you? Well, decluttering is the same—it’s impossible to begin with massive changes first, as it can overwhelm you and end up as a disaster. The trick is to start with small, doable steps that can kickstart your journey toward the new you.

Luckily, we have compiled the best baby steps towards the KonMarisation of your life this spring. And who knows? They may be giant steps towards a more confident, successful, productive, and organised you.


Make a decluttering checklist.

Declutter can quickly become overwhelming because we don’t know how to begin. That’s why, although we may not see it, the cluttering in your home always starts with cluttering in your mind.

Experts agree that writing can help improve mental clarity. Doing so can help you process information better and, thus, organize the way you think.

Making a decluttering checklist can stimulate your brain to think and organize what needs to stay and what needs to go, helping you remain on top of what you need to do.


Select a starting point.

After your decluttering checklist, the next step should be selecting a starting point according to whatever works for you.

For example, the KonMari Method proposes that it’s best to tidy up by category, not location. Meaning that, instead of focusing on a room or a cabinet, you should declutter all books, clothes, or makeup.

Of course, her method is not the only one. You can begin even smaller on a given area by focusing on a counter, a shelf, or even a coffee table. The important part here is to have a single, small, and doable goal in mind to begin with.


Start with five minutes daily.

Forget about turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy collection of photos in just one day. Decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint, and trying to get it all done immediately is a recipe for disaster.

Get into the habit of establishing a schedule each day, saving up a few minutes dedicated exclusively to decluttering. Progress is progress, and starting small prevents you from getting overwhelmed and quitting before time.


Give each item a home.

One of the keys to decluttering is developing strategies to prevent it from happening again. Best way to do so? Give each item a home.

Beyond organization, consider your household items as stray animals in desperate need of shelter to guarantee their safety. Once you start associating each specific item with its house, it will become second nature to place them where they belong each time.


Dont neglect digital decluttering.

Whether for work or fun, most of us spend a lot of time in our digital spaces—phones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Now, when was the last time you organized files, checked your spam folder, or deleted useless apps you don’t use? Digital clutter can impact our mental well-being and performance since it damages our brain’s ability to concentrate.

Some simple steps to declutter your digital space include naming files appropriately, checking your email every day and organizing it as required, and deleting apps you don’t use.


Most important? Amp up the good vibes!

One of the reasons why we neglect decluttering and order is because it feels like a chore instead of a relaxing task that can provide mental well-being.

Do whatever you can to make decluttering something less taxing—play your favourite music, dance to the beat, or listen to a podcast you find engaging. Remember that motivation is key!

A little time every day, coupled with a solid plan and a little bit of fun, can make all the difference in making the gurus of order proud!


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