Top 5 Healthiest Countries in the World


Determining which country is the healthiest is as complicated as diagnosing someone’s health with a glance. Outer appearances may look good, but understanding actual health requires studying multiple hidden factors.

There are many things to consider. Life expectancy is probably the first that comes to mind, but health goes beyond that and involves many indicators and studies—government investment in healthcare, obesity, blood pressure, depression, air pollution, and more. After evaluating multiple statistics and factors, we have compiled the top 5 healthiest countries in the world!


Life Expectancy: 83 years


Without Scandinavia, no list discussing life quality is complete.

Sweden enjoys outstanding air quality and is the most sustainable city in the world. Its citizens have a high life expectancy and lower smoking, obesity, and alcohol consumption rates compared to other OECD countries. The cherry on top? The country boasts one of the most comprehensive healthcare programs worldwide, in which it invests around 10.7% of its GDP.

Life Expectancy: 82 years


Spain took first place in the Bloomberg Health Index in 2019, and for good reason. The country has a robust healthcare system with universal access for its citizens, which guarantees equality regarding medical attention.

This guarantees preventive care, sustainable health, and healthy lifestyle habits—such as walkable cities and the famous Mediterranean diet.

Life Expectancy: 82 years


Italy stole the first spot in the Condé Nast 2023 Healthiest Countries study, giving Mediterranean countries another win within this ranking.

The reasons are very similar to Spain’s—universal access to healthcare ensures affordable and ongoing preventive care, which works alongside the citizens’ active lifestyles and healthy, rich, and enviable diets.

Life Expectancy: 83 years

According to an OECD report, in 2020—amidst the global pandemic—fewer than 1% of Norwegians reported “unmet medical care needs,” further proving the country’s universal healthcare system. Likewise, the quality of life of Norwegians over the past 65 years has been 20% better than the European Union average.

Add to that high activity levels, low pollution, and overall happiness. Result? A very healthy country in all aspects.


Life Expectancy: 85 years


As a rule of thumb, discussing Japan always leads to the topic of their health and longevity. Japan has one of the world’s highest life expectancies, and its citizens enjoy outstanding health and quality of life.

Japanese culture values a healthy lifestyle, encouraging citizens to exercise regularly through multiple means. Likewise, fast food popularity remains stagnant thanks to the ease of readily available fresh food, primarily focused on fish, vegetables, and grains.

The cherry on top is, as with other entries, the healthcare system—it’s affordable, accessible, and high-quality.


The Healthiest Countries in the World Have Four Things in Common.

Throughout this list, it became apparent that the secret to a healthy lifestyle relies on four key aspects: regular physical activity, a high-quality environment, a good diet, and access to reliable and high-quality universal healthcare.

While individuals can secure physical activity and a good diet for themselves, a cultural drive towards these elements ensures societal change. Add a government willing to invest in healthcare and environmental-friendly practices, and the results will be predictable: a happier population and a healthier life.


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